Mining Working Group

An NGO coalition promoting human and environmental rights at the United Nations.


The NGO Mining Working Group (MWG) is a coalition of NGOs that, in partnership with our members and affected local communities, advocates at and through the United Nations for human and environmental rights as related to extractive industries.


The MWG calls for just and transparent international policies, advocates for national laws and practices that meet the highest international standards and obligations, and calls for intervention to address violations.


The MWG identifies the following key actors that we can address through advocacy:

  • UN Member States
  • UN agencies, and the international community
  • Affected communities; local and national civil society

Our Focuses


We examine issues related to extractive industries in the Amazon and elevate the voices and concerns of Indigenous Peoples and the region to uphold human rights.


Our member organizations represent various grassroots initiatives in the Congo, many of which are inherently connected to climate justice.

Southeast Asia

The NGO Mining Working Group advocates for the corporate social responsibility of organizations and companies operating in our regional focus areas.

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