Education and The Mining Working Group – The State of Health Care in Venezuela

The Mining Working Group understands the intersectional nature of issues related to extractive industries in the Amazon region.  Extractivism can lead to habitat degradation, extractivist cartels, and negative health outcomes. 

On March 12th, In further exploring these intersections and issues, the mining working group engaged in an expert panel event with representatives from Prepare Family, ASOL, Cepaz, FUCAMAMA, and Columbia University. These experts were mainly women, representing organizations that focus on healthcare and public health in Venezuela. 

From their experience working with the overburdened Venezuelan healthcare system, the HIV/AIDs crisis, cancer patients, and women’s issues, these experts brought the message that the current humanitarian crisis, “is not the product of a disaster, it is the product of institutions.”

The Mining Working Group and Mining Working Group Amazon Subcommittee are committed to lifting up the voices of these experts at the UN, contributing to their advocacy, and exploring the rule of extractive industries in the current health care crisis in Venezuela.


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